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What is Creosote

In order to understand the need of cleaning your chimney you must 1st understand the dangers of Creosote.

Creosote is a mixture of hundreds of chemicals, In the chimney business we refer to wood creosote created by burning wood inside your firebox.

Creosote builds up inside the chimney flue and when not removed it will build up to a dangerous level where it can catch fire and create a house fire.

You can reduce the risk by inspecting and cleaning your chimney every season.

How often should I clean my chimney?

The chimney safety association recommends you inspect your chimney every year and clean as needed (normally once every season or two is enough).

I have a gas fireplace, do i need to clean and inspect my chimney?


It is true that gas logs do not create the same amount of creosote buildup as wood burning fireplace however they do have some risks which needs to be evaluated once every season.

Some risks are: Blockage of the flue by leafs, birds nesting or other elements, this might result in carbon monoxide buildup in your home, Rusted or defective gas burner, Cracks in the firebox & many more. all of the above items are life threatening hazards.

I have not used the fireplace in a while, Do I need to inspect or clean it?


There are other factors in the inspection in addition to the creosote buildup. it enough that the flop or damper are defective or not fully opened and your home will become a smoke trap in seconds. in this case even if everyone manages to escape the effects on the furniture and the home will be devastating.

Which level of cleaning do I need?

Normally if you have cleaned your fireplace & chimney in the past 12-24 month you will only need a level 1 cleaning (also known as maintenance or seasonal cleaning). If it has been more than 24 month since you cleaned your chimney or you are using the fireplace more than once a week on average than you might need a level 2 cleaning(also known as Deep cleaning).




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    Debora Johnson
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